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I Love Building For The Web

My name is Dan, a web developer from Huddersfield. I have been designing, developing and supporting websites since the mid-noughties fora wide range of clients and businesses. As a self-taught coder I have honed my skill set and would consider myself to be at the top of my game when it comes to CSS, HTML, jQuery and WordPress. Through the varied types of work I have been involved with I also have skills with Photoshop, social media advertising, e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and CubeCart), Symfony, PHP, MySQL and even a bit of dotNET.

My real love is seeing a project through from inception to launch and beyond. Being involved with the designing and planing of a site and developing the UX gives me passion for the build, through testing and launch. Then is the challenge of making sure the SEO is as good as it can be, the site is fully responsive for mobiles, and most importantly, the client is happy and their customers are happy!

Things I'm Good At...

Responsive Design

Client Relationships




Site Planning

Drinking Coffee!

Who is Dan Martin?

With a background and passion for business, at 21 I took on the lease of a local pub, just before the market crash, smoking ban, beer duty escalator and the business rates hike. Despite these economic threats, I managed to build the business to weather the storm and become strong enough to survive without my day to day involvement. I then had the opportunity to explore my real interest in life, building websites.

With the pub ticking over I was able to teach myself HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP – by building small websites for local businesses under the name of Happy Hound Web Design. I loved getting intensely involved in these varied businesses and helping them develop through their website. My client base grew to over 20 ongoing websites; from florists and plumbers, to oil rig recruitment and e-commerce.

I then wanted to really test my skills and branch out into the world of web development, so in 2013 I took a position at a Elder Studios, who were growing at an exponential rate. There I realised my knowledge was only touching the surface when it comes to bigger projects. I learnt about Git, agile software development and SCRUM, coding standards, and new technologies such as ReactJS. Working on there taught me about scalability and thorough testing, as well as working in teams and remotely with clients.

It was then time for another change. I now had my full arsenal of skills and knowledge, and wanted a more senior position in a company managing even more projects. So I took another leap of faith, and now, working for Blacksmith Marketing, I manage a wide portfolio of sites from global steel manufacturers to local garden centres with e-commerce for a Huddersfield design and marketing consultancy.

I am still open for new projects in my spare time, as I still work with many of the clients from way back when and enjoy great links with local agencies who I still freelance with. If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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